OtherPeoplesPixels Interview

OtherPeoplesPixels is the wonderful website service I use for my sites.  OPP's Amber Hawk Swanson interviewed me about my art for OPP's Featured Artist Blog.


Incantation at Peanut Gallery

I just installed my piece at Peanut Gallery last night along with artists Meg Leary and Jenny Kendler. The exhibition is shaping up to be pretty special. Here are the details:

a multi-media collection of recent work by local artists who have one foot planted on earth and the other foot planted somewhere much more interesting
Artists participating include Kerry Couch, Katie Arford, Meg Mccarville, Jenny Kendler, Caitlin Hennessy, Meg Leary, Michelle Villarreal, Anna Timmerman, Molly Schafer and Elisa Harkins. 
Opening reception Friday, May 6, 7-11pm
We hope you can make it! If not, email the gallery to set up an appt. to check out the show over the next few weeks.
More info: Peanut Gallery


Gold Addy Award!

Endangered Species Condoms which feature 3 of my illustrations win a Gold Addy Award in Tucson! The condom boxes also feature illustrations by artist Jenny Kendler and were designed by Lori Leiber. Congratulations to everyone.


R.I.P. Brian Jacques

 I started reading Mr. Jacque's books as a child and have continued reading and rereading them to this day. I'll never forget one hot, sunny and still summer afternoon sweating in the local library searching for a good book. I had already read every book that seemed interesting that summer and the kid's section had left me wanting something more. More substance, more complexity, On a whim, I ventured to a different section of the library. I walked among the stacks, feeling conspicuous in the adult's section. I turned down a dark row to avoid a woman reading in a chair.  I believed that, at any minute, I would be discovered, a trespasser and sent back to the kid's section. In fact I felt so uncomfortable I decided to retreat, but just then some slowly floating dust motes wandering in a beam of sunlight caught my eye. The building was old and had few windows.  As I observed the dust motes and the magical-seeming beam of sun, I noticed a book behind them. Intrigued I picked it up.  It's cover proclaimed: REDWALL!

The book was to be as magical as my discovery of it. When I returned Redwall, I again visited the Young Adult section and found Mossflower. I have always wanted to illustrate a Brian Jacques book as the world is so vivid in my mind. Thank you Brian Jacques for all of the great adventures!


Happy Holidays!

I just made these cute holiday bird magnets (ink on wood).


Artist Talk

I will be giving an artist's talk next week. I'm having fun going through my work and source material/ reference images in preparation. I plan to focus on strategies of storytelling and share some of the books and illustrations that inspiration me. I've titled my talk "I Am Miyax Now" after a decisive moment in Julie of the Wolves.

My talk will be part of Mess Hall's Double Feature Lecture Series. I was invited to present my work by artist and publisher of Bailliwik,  Surabhi Ghosh.

More info on our Double feature is here.


Human Rights Campaign National Dinner & Auction

I've donated a print of my piece "Specters/Bloodwrath" for the silent auction component of the Human Rights Campaign's National Dinner.  The art auction was coordinated by The Corcoran College of Art and Design where I received my BFA.  The event is now sold out.