Battle Scars

Last December Kelly, Joe and I declared 2008 The Year of The Warrior. Joe went to Thailand where he is currently studying at a Thai boxing camp for 2 months. When he gets back he will pretty much be indestructible. In anticipation of this I turned to steel and Kelly and I began studying the medieval long sword with The Chicago Swordplay Guild. Today was our second to last class and it is getting intense. First off we had to do around 30o situps on a hard wood floor while holding the evil medicine ball over our heads. Then we had to have the evil medicine ball whaled at us by furious nerds and i almost got a mastectomy when catching it. (evil medicine ball= a ball filled with 12 lbs of sand. it is supposed to be equivalent to taking a punch.

Later we did something new, circle your opponent and attack. I was paired with ol' warlord McClure and about 1 minute in she came at me with a stocatta thrust. Due to a blind spot from my face mask I didn't see it coming and blocked way too late. Kelly smashed her sword right into my knuckle. It was seriously painful and when I looked at my hand my middle finger was all lumpy on one side. For a moment I thought it was because my bones got rearranged and I'd never draw well again but it turns out Kelly's sword smashed into the ring I was wearing so hard that it was smashed nearly flat. The ring acted like a tourniquet on my finger and pushed all my flesh out in a big lump. There was no way it was coming off. After ignoring the advice of my instructor to use the pommel of my sword to bash my ring back to a circle while still on my seriously pained finger we found someone with pliers who said "Cool it popped a blood vessel!" but eventually got it off my finger.

Warlord McClure of the Clan McClure

It takes more than that to vanquish me and it wasn't long before we were back at it. poste longe! Needless to say Kells bought the cupcakes today!

not vanquished!

It is sad that swords and cupcakes saturdays are coming to a close. We are going to continue onward with the year of the warrior but perhaps with something that is a little more about being a warrior and less about revenge of the nerds. The rapier? Apache knife fighting? The jury is still out but by December we should be able to shoot a bow while riding horseback on a unicorn.

red velvetz 4 life


JKF said...

you seriously don't want to mess with a woman who knows how to wield a sword. especially one who is a Xena fanatic. Kelly looks INTENSE in that picture. her eyes alone vanquished me.

Kelly said...

Something had to die that day. Your ring had to be put down.