Love is a battlefield

My weekend was mainly spent working on this new piece. It is getting hard to sleep in my studio/bedroom with all these creatures haunting the walls. I'm daring myself to try and finish this piece so it can drop 03.21.08 at the Henbane show. (no promises no demands)

Sunday night was a JAMMS pizza party / video viewing / photo editing extravaganza. JAMMS is my critique group:


Meg's shit is too real for the interweb.

Friday night Jenny and I went to Lucy Lippard's lecture Weather Report: Art and Climate Change at Columbia College. Lucy Lippard has mad moxie. My favorite quote from the lecture was:

"I hate "post" anything, especially post-feminism."

fo shizzle. I stopped saying post-binary stat. At the reception afterwards we chatted with her over beers and skewered meats (of which i did not partake). Pretty much if you are eating skewered meat in my face you better be Lucy Lippard or Lucy Lawless. I'll bring the grog, ladies.

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Kelly said...

Um, I would totally pay hot money for that new piece. I love it.