show some compassion, slaughter me now

That is the message Handle With Care is sending on behalf of horses raised in Spain and sent to Italy to be slaughtered for human consumption. The horses are cramped into trucks and driven for 46 hours. Horses must continually shift their weight to maintain balance and have a difficult time traveling in trucks, especially ones fattened up to be human food. According to Handle With Care the journey is similar to being forced to walk for 2 days without rest. The horses are covered in feces and must fight each other for access to one hose when it is stuck in to give them a drink. And when one horse slips and falls he is trampled by the others. Sound appetizing, jerks?

Why not slaughter the horses in Spain and ship the meat instead of the live animal? That is the question being posed by animal welfare groups. Answer: Horse meat goes bad so quickly. Humans prefer the taste of freshly slaughtered horse flesh. But not enough to pay more for it so that better transport can be provided for the horses. Does it taste like chicken... or terror?

Here is my question: Would some benevolent source please give me magical powers and super human strength? With my new powers I promise to do right by non-human animals. Perhaps I could ally with those elephants with PTSD wishing to exact revenge on humanity. Hit me up elephants. I'm in your corner.

Read about those elephants here. The article is amazing and you must read it all the way through. (i found a link to the article on bioephemera by way of Hungry Hyaena)
*update- OK, ok this is the article everyone has been telling me about (but never directing me to, mind you)

You can watch the Handle With Care video about horse transit here if you like. I always wonder about the people who go undercover to get these videos. How can they do it? I couldn't maintain. I would lose it, start knocking people out, unlocking cages and the like.

And in other animal news...
Thank goodness for this dolphin.

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