terror from the sky


The Harpy Eagle Harpia harpyja is considered to be one of the world’s largest and most powerful eagles (the Phillipean Eagle is larger, although not as bulky so it is a bit of a toss up). The female Harpy has a body length of around 3.3 feet and a wingspan of up to 7 feet. Female harpies are significantly larger than the males.

Yr girl's talons can be a the size of grizzly bear 's claws! And she eats
tree dwelling mammals like monkeys, coatis, and my homeslice the sloth.

( bad mojo dude)

A truly terrifying creature who to be honest has always slightly repulsed me (for the record I identify with the red tailed hawk and the peregrine falcon). My current interest in predators and the feminine sublime (stay tuned) has led me to embrace the darkness. Although the spell casting sound of her scientific name Harpia harpyja is what really won me over.

Well that along with her connection to the animal-human blur, hybrid hominids, centaurs and the like. Harpia harpyja is named after the harpies of greek myth. The harpies were winged death spirits. Part bird, part woman the cruel and vicious harpies worked in torture. A harpy also gave birth to the horses of Achilles. You see how legit my personal mythology is? Everything is connected.

The harpy in Peter S. Beagle's masterpiece The Last Unicorn is one of my favorite depictions. Beagle's harpy has a third breast. I gave him an extra mammary shout out in this detail of my piece Neo-simian Witchcraft / The Harpy.
Neo-simian witchcraft was my original blog title. The end.

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