My friend and artistic collaborator Jenny Kendler has started the blog
Wunderkammer: A Journal of Environmental Art

To quote Kendler:
"Wunderkammer is an online gallery created to coalesce and enumerate the growing number of artists making work about human being's relationship with the natural world. The goal is to present and record this group, in our time of ecological crisis, as a fascinating and important artistic, social, and political movement."

Kendler and I have collaborated on several pieces about human/animal/planet relationships. We are currently collaborating on a video titled The Black Narmaid. Together we are also exploring projects that will aid causes such as deforestation, endangered species, and shotguns for lemurs more directly. We plan to collaborate on future projects with the intent to turn art into cash for such causes. Stay tuned or holler at us if you'd like to be involved.

In the meantime visit Wunderkammer. To date Kendler has profiled Maslem & Mehra, Harri Kallio, and a group show about photography & the contemporary environment.

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