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NFO EXPO at Version 08: Darkmatter

Jerstin Crosby and Tory Wright came to Chicago from Raleigh to install Manifestation Gestation Station with myself and Thad Kellstadt. The project which reprented Lump Gallery/projects at the Version Festival's NFO EXPO consisted of a 20 foot wall with drawings by the four of us, Lump Lipshitz, Jason Polan, and David Colagiovanni.

Teamp Lump install at Version 08:

we also collaborated on a large mug tree. I think I won the ugliest mug award for this Joann Fabrics fiasco/masterpiece
We got to hang out with a lot of rad people at Version.
Paul Nudd was ballin' outta control while Bert Stabler gave away free zines and conversation.
Niels Post and Jeroen Bosch from Rotterdam's Trendbeheer. These guys once cycled from Rotterdam to Paris, during winter to see Matthew Barney's Cremaster Cycle films.
Jereon and I discovered we shared an interest in taxidermy and skull collecting. He gave me a lot of tips about skinning your own animal that I will most likely never use, but still good to know. I gave him a copy of the VanDyke taxidermy supply catalog and he was most pleased. Their booth had some of the best work in the show. Including a really great video Calling 911 by Jan De Bruin who focuses his camera on one or two people in a public space and follows them, creating a narrative. The entire video was one continuous shot. Jeroen 's lil equine guys were my favorite arts at NFO EXPO. They are less shiny in person and look all meaty like they have been skinned.
Tory and I also stopped by Bucket Rider, Kavi Gupta, and Monique Meloche galleries Saturday morning. Good shows except for the Kendell Carter show at MM which we agreed felt disingenuous and overdone. I especially enjoyed Claire Sherman's paintings of wooded areas and other wild seeming places (sadly the paintings from the show are not on the site).

This ruled but she forgot to consider the floor, that is installation 101 Karen
Sunday was Karen Kilimnik(above), Gordon Matta-Clark and some other artstars at the MCA. First time I saw a Paul Pieiffer in person. I really dig his work. I heart Karen Klimnick and hate all the art school advisors that couldn't find "the piece" when I was doing similar scatter art, weirdly related, multi-media things in my studio.

(i'm a big fan)

Then it was back to Version for a bit before I departed for Black Is, Black Ain't at the Renaissance Society. A very thoughtful show curated by mastermind Hamza Walker.

According to the Ren's website the exhibition "...explores a shift in the rhetoric of race from an earlier emphasis on inclusion to a present moment where racial identity is being simultaneously rejected and retained."
This Carl Pope piece was used as the exhibition poster

My friend Elizabeth Axtman's video American Classics was obviously the highlight of the exhibition. Liz was in town for the show and posed for my cell phone.
After Black Is, Black Ain't I returned to Version Fest to de-install , act silly with the remaining Team Lump members and see some of The Rotterdam VHS Festival which was a lot of fun.

Thad, Tory and Josh enjoying a multitude of relationships

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Jereon and I discovered we shared an interest in taxidermy and he can see your skull collecti0n en i am really happy with the copy of the VanDyke taxidermy supply catalog
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