adventure on the equine isle

I have returned from the wondrous edge of the continent where my cat and I camped on Assateague Island. Our time on Assateague was a dream. Complete with feral horses, extensive wildlife encounters, and a renewed connection to the universe. My sadness at being parted from the sea only seems to intensify over time and already I long to be back in the shore's embrace.

After crossing the bridge to the island the first 60 seconds on Assateague went like this: Spotting two roadside Sika deer I stopped the car to watch them when suddenly, a horse jumped over the guardrail and landed on the road right in front of my car, 2 more of his crew followed. Deer and horses milled about around us while I wondered what I was getting myself into.

I do not have many photos from the island. Wrangling 2 tripods and a cat on a leash turned out to be as difficult as it sounds. I ended up ditching the digital camera and shooting video.

my campsite. the red bump is my tent and just past the horizon line is the sea. no other humans around.

My (awesome) hair is blocking the horses I was trying to take my picture with. I made some new jewelry from treasures found in the sand.

our neighbor, the Red-winged Blackbird, was always nearby

roar! Redwing tried to steal Sid's food.

and a horse drank from his water bowl.

pony invasion at camp. you can't hear them coming in the sand.

Creepy Sika deer would alternate between a high tolerance for my prescence and agressively stamping a warning. I tried not to bother them when they were in a temper. The males have prong like antlers that look rather sharp.

Every evening we watched the sunset. The cooling sand and ocean breeze made it a multi-sensory experience. It was really one of the best things ever. One night as darkness grew a horse whinnied angrily on a nearby dune.

Falling asleep to the sound of waves crashing against the shore.
Waking up smelling like a musty caribou.

Being unreachable, out of touch, and out of the force field of faux urgent importance that e-mails vibe me with was fantastic. I'd like to keep it going at some level. Without the internet, the news, advertisements and the like my mind was undistracted and focused.

After 2 hours back at work my feet hurt from wearing shoes, my toes kept reaching for sand. There are no windows visible from where I sit. I had to keep looking at a computer. My eyes hurt. My body began to feel sick. It is so stuffy in here with no ocean breeze, no steady reassurance of crashing waves.


JKF said...

you are so inspiring!

Suzi said...

I can't believe you took Sid with you. That is amazing. I wonder what it's to be like Sid in the wild like that because house cats are as domesticated as we are although they still have that wild side in them that is never lost. Maybe that's why we love our cats so much. It's funny you mention your feet in shoes after you got back. I think about that when I trim my cat's claws. How much uncomfortable she might be walking on a hardwood floor with that long claws on all the time. In the nature she probably wouldn't walk on the hard solid ground like that much because the ground is always soft or cushioned by leaves. This project is just incredible, Molly. The pictures are so beautiful, too.

jacymango said...

this is just magical. it's your natural habitat. you and sid.
i just got back from the beach too, and i cannot wait to go back. when i was out there paddling against the waves of south china sea, i didnt want to look back, i just wanted to keep on paddling out.