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I happened upon a rad conservation initiative today- EDGE of Exsistence: Evolutionary Distinct and Globally Endangered. EDGE is looking out for all the oddball creatures. The EDGE blog details how scientists have sequenced the genome of the most evolutionary distinct mammal, the platypus, and found out it is odd indeed. read about it.

Also I can't post an image of this awfulness . Obese Macaca mulatta monkeys at a"wildlife park" in Japan.

.... ....... ...
Today I'd like to be a Takhi, running wild and free in Mongolia. No boundaries, no indoors, herd- bonded, and four legs. Gleeful and appreciative, I would imagine.

But I don't have much energy today so I might get taken by a wolf. Then I guess, in a way I would become a wolf. Probably a kerl, a lone wolf. Dark and satisfied in my being. Or perhaps not. Perhaps I would feel wrong and lonesome for my pack (see David Clement-Davies novels).
When searching the interwebs for pictures of Steppe wolves I mostly find photos of white safari hunters gloating over dead, lupine bodies. This makes me so angry at the way the human realm functions.
I want to be a hawk. Sometimes I think I'd trade my whole life for 15 minutes of being a healthy hawk. Soaring, diving, catching a meal, seeing forever and minutiae out of my hawk eyes. Totally determined and undeterred, I imagine. Fierce and exact. Flying, screeching, seeing forever. Perhaps a Red-tailed hawk. (photo is of a Steppe Eagle)

Basically I just want to be awesome:
Sometimes the world makes me want to be a loner, feral, Xena type if I can't be a fierce predator in the non human sense.

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Suzi said...

The last picture sort of makes me think about the PBS show I watched a while ago.- if he is she

Read the Eurasia part in here- http://www.pbs.org/wnet/secrets/previous_seasons/case_amazon/index.html

Supposedly there are the descendants of these women still found in Mongolia and in fact, the researcher in the show found this 9 year old mongolian girl who has the DNA make up.
Can you believe you wake up in the morning and found out you are really related to this awesomeness?