In this week's issue of New City Jason Foumberg reviews the Jeff Koons show at the MCA. Foumberg says "Koons’ sculptural wonders are of a caliber rarely seen. Some of us have become very comfortable with abject sculpture, scrappy art and re-used materials. It’s a celebrated local style, like Old Style or dirty snow" And I felt bad about my work and very Chicagoy. Is my work "Chicago art?" The thought freaked me out. Old style and old snow sum up the essence of things I dislike about this city while my lack of patience is not one of my assets and tends to shoddy up my craftsmanship. The style of working that Jason refers to is a gesture that can have a lot of meaning. Although often misrepresented by empty, slacker style art. Anyway Jeff Koons blows!

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JKF said...

i like Old Style it makes me drunk