another quest for fire

I have only read the first book, Ratha's Creature, in Clare Bell's The Named series but forsee a possible summer reading marathon with the rest of the series. The "She" in the quote above refers to Ratha, the wildcat pictured. The "it" refers to the fire. aw yeah...

From the publisher: "Ratha and her clan are the Named, a band of intelligent wild cats whose society is based on herding deer. The Named have laws, language, traditions, and leaders. They also have enemies. The predatory raiders of the unNamed are driving them close to the edge of survival."

Ratha's Creature explores the idea of an intellectual hierarchy, hunter- gathering societies vs agricultural societies, and what it means to be a natural creature living in accord with your habitat vs trying to control it. All through the story of a runaway, don't take shit from nobody, she-cat. And set in an environ chock full o prehistoric mammals. I know!!!!

Find this book and others like it at your local library.

p.s. Ratha figured out how to keep fire quicker than those early human proto-types below. Jus sayin.

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Jenny Kendler said...

Ah, we gotta get the other books in this series!!!