A land in turmoil cried out for a shero

I've started logging footage from my equine adventure for the video portion of my project.
*The above images are screen captures from my raw footage.


Wolfy said...

Hi Harpia,

Thanks for visiting my Werewolfking's Howl blog at http://werewolfking.blogspot.com. I'm glad that you like my women warriors art & stories. Your comments were nice, too, I get a lot of feedback on the Spartan Warrior speech.

I think that these vidcaps are from the movie Hundra, which I really loved.

You should get a visitor counter for your blog. Check out the freebie at www.statcounter.com which is what I use. I'm up to 40K visitors, about 4K per month, and on first page of Google search results.

Harpia harpyja said...

Thanks but these screen captures are all from a video I shot on location on Assateague Island. It is a new project I am working on.

Harpia harpyja said...

Also is Hundra the kind of film that has repulsive rape scenes? It looks like it might be. If not, ill check it out. And word- my art got mistaken for a B-movie!

Suzi said...

awesome, awesome!!!!!!

I hope I get to see the whole video sometime.

Hungry Hyaena said...

Hi, Molly.

I grew up just twenty minutes from Assateague, and still spend time there each year. It's a great place. I'm glad that you found it a good set piece for your project!