Odocoileus alicornus

A unicorn deer was just found in Italy. This little guy is one of the most unicornesque examples of an antler abnormality I have seen. It is more common among uncommon or non-typical antler growths for there to be a an additional, third antler growing between the standard antlers and usually off to one side or the other. This guy just has the one, perfectly centered in the middle of his forehead. Here he is, he is a Roe deer and a real beauty:
I've read about antlers being grafted into the middle of a deer's forehead before. I don't know if I totally believe this little guy. If he is real then verily his coming is wondrous and should be celebrated as such. According to the news story "his twin has two horns." FYI: Deer have antlers not horns.

On my long lists of ideas to work on during my life time is both a fantastical fiction novel and a chapter in a book about deer in general concerning the connection between unicorns and deer. TM. There seem to be more documented cases of anomalies (odd antlers, antlered does and albinos) with deer than other species. I wonder if this is because of deer hunting: we observe them more than other animals and feed them weird stuff so they grow larger. In the last few years I have collected images and made art work about this very topic. I'll post some pics below and maybe some arts tomorrow.

This guy's non-typical antler growth seems connected to his disfigurement. I wonder if it could be the result of a fawnhood trauma to the face, or is he hydrocephalic? Wouldn't it be weird to see him in person? A man and his friends spent 2 years stalking him with trail cameras and guns until they finally killed him. Mission Accomplished! I guess.

Before and after photos showcasing how the man in the picture killed and then brought back to life- likeness "the most beautiful creature I had ever seen" (his words)

I fear I will die the last of my kind. The lonely death of the last unicorn:

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