Kathleen Faulkner said...

What an amazingly beautiful sculpture.. I'd love to know more about it.

Molly Schafer said...

Hi Kathleen,

A friend sent me these images and I was overcome with the beauty of it.

Here is a quote from the artist, Kohei Nawa, about her PixCell series:

"By covering surface of an object with transparent glass beads, the existence of the object itself is replaced by "a husk of light", and the new vision "the cell of an image" (PixCell) is shown."

More at: http://www.kohei-nawa.net/
Although I think this elk transcends the objecthood of some of her other pieces.

By the way, I visited your blog. How amazing to live on the Salish Sea! I visited Vancouver Island and the Johnstone Strait 2 years back and dream of the area daily. Also I like your stick pins.