R.I.P. Brian Jacques

 I started reading Mr. Jacque's books as a child and have continued reading and rereading them to this day. I'll never forget one hot, sunny and still summer afternoon sweating in the local library searching for a good book. I had already read every book that seemed interesting that summer and the kid's section had left me wanting something more. More substance, more complexity, On a whim, I ventured to a different section of the library. I walked among the stacks, feeling conspicuous in the adult's section. I turned down a dark row to avoid a woman reading in a chair.  I believed that, at any minute, I would be discovered, a trespasser and sent back to the kid's section. In fact I felt so uncomfortable I decided to retreat, but just then some slowly floating dust motes wandering in a beam of sunlight caught my eye. The building was old and had few windows.  As I observed the dust motes and the magical-seeming beam of sun, I noticed a book behind them. Intrigued I picked it up.  It's cover proclaimed: REDWALL!

The book was to be as magical as my discovery of it. When I returned Redwall, I again visited the Young Adult section and found Mossflower. I have always wanted to illustrate a Brian Jacques book as the world is so vivid in my mind. Thank you Brian Jacques for all of the great adventures!

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