Incantation at Peanut Gallery

I just installed my piece at Peanut Gallery last night along with artists Meg Leary and Jenny Kendler. The exhibition is shaping up to be pretty special. Here are the details:

a multi-media collection of recent work by local artists who have one foot planted on earth and the other foot planted somewhere much more interesting
Artists participating include Kerry Couch, Katie Arford, Meg Mccarville, Jenny Kendler, Caitlin Hennessy, Meg Leary, Michelle Villarreal, Anna Timmerman, Molly Schafer and Elisa Harkins. 
Opening reception Friday, May 6, 7-11pm
We hope you can make it! If not, email the gallery to set up an appt. to check out the show over the next few weeks.
More info: Peanut Gallery

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